With the single compressor technology, you get several advantages:


Low noise:

Ensures a comfortable working environment with little disturbance even when the drugs and samples have to be kept close.


Low heat dissipation:

When space is tight a large Ultra Low Freezer will create a massive amount of heat, which can be a disturbance in the daily work, with our single compressor technology, we have some of the lowest heat dissipation in the world, which is just a little above a regular refrigerator.


Low energy consumption:

With our patented single compressor system, you will save 40-50 % in energy compared to other -86°C freezer products.


Stability and Uniformity:

With our system, we have created a unit with better temperature stability and uniformity from top to bottom. You will see a maximum of 2-3°C difference from top to bottom, with other -86°C freezers you can see up to 5-7°C difference from top to bottom.


Direct cooling:

We have created a system, where you have the evaporator/cooling unit in each shelf, which gives a more direct cooling, it functions like 5 small freezers.


Easy access to do maintenance and service:

With only one compressor placed in the top of the unit, you will have easy access to do maintenance and service if needed. The setup is developed, to make it possible for any cooling technician to make repairs on our units.