Warehouse in America

ARCTIKO has a warehouse in the US, that ensures day to day deliveries.



Each product from ARCTIKO is carefully tested before shipment. Our products go through various Production Quality Tests such as visual inspection, pull down test, the stability of the temperature inside the freezer, alarm functions etc. All these PQ tests are performed on empty freezers, which means that once they contain products, their efficiency and accuracy will increase even more.



Our production is in charge of the packing of our goods in order for them to travel in the safest conditions. Each product is carefully packed with polystyrene and cardboard or wooden boxes. We also equip most crates with a tiltwatch to monitor the shipping; this will ensure a preventative effect against transport damages.



 Handling and shipping freezers is a very delicate operation; that's why we only use the most reliable and professional shipping companies to guarantee that the packages will reach their delivery destination in perfect condition. Spare parts deliveries will also be arranged by our shipping team in the best possible ways.