Clinical trial freezer -85°C


When coordinating clinical trials one of the major issues is always choosing the right equipment for the right site. As the requirements are mostly small and handy equipment the Arctiko SUF100 comes in as the obvious choice.


The SUF100 is a small 71L (2,6 cu ft.), -85°C freezer that over the past five years has become more and more popular in the clinical trial world.


The single compressor system offers good features to ensure the right environment for the clinical personal.


Low noise: Ensures a comfortable working environment with a low disturbance even when the drugs and samples have to be kept close.


Low heat dissipation: When the space is tight a large Ultra Low Freezer will create a massive amount of heat, which can be a disturbance in the daily work. The SUF100 with its single compressor only creates around 544 BTU/Hr which is just a little above a regular refrigerator.


Low energy consumption: In this day and age, one of the most important issues, is the fact that we all have to be green. The SUF100 uses around 3,9 Kw/24hr, which is around 52% less, than its closets competition. So rest assured, when you decide for a SUF100, you also ensure a greener environment for generations to come.


The SUF100 comes with a large alarm set and features including:

  • Microprocessor controller with digital display and battery back-up
  • Visual / acoustic alarm
  • Adjustable high/low temp. alarm
  • Probe failure alarm
  • Power failure alarm
  • Contact for remote alarm
  • Porthole for installing external probe for logging

The SUF100 -85°C freezer with its 71L (2,6 cu ft.) and only 53kg (116 pounds) is perfect for any on-site trial location worldwide. With the simplified technology we can also promise that in the unlikely event that something should happen, these freezers can have all service done on-site, so no need to send it back, or to a workshop for complicated service where specially trained personal is required. Any cooling operator can make all services.

The SUF100 is off course ETL listed under UL code 471 and NSF standard 7 !

We are positive that the SUF100 will quickly go from a popular Clinical trial freezer, to the number one choice within a very short time.