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ULT -86°C freezer range


These are products of our passion, striving for excellence that offer the best in ultra low temperature freezing.

We set new standards in providing the most user friendly controller on the market. All features such as alarms and data logging functions are always included as standard at the uprights.



Arctiko int. is a manufacturer of ultra low temperature freezers and refrigeration. The Arctiko world wide patented single compressor system, offers the best solution in the Ultra Low Temperature market. With focus on simplicity we strive to design products that are easy to use, equipped with all features, and in the unlikely event, that a service problem should occur, all service can be done onsite without special training or tools.

  The original  and  World Patented Arctiko US inc.  single compressor cooling system, with the true single stage technology, provides low energy consumption, low noise and low heat dissipation. The ultra low temperature -85°C/-121°F freezers are equipped with a small footprint, ensuring easy access to all laboratories and come in a exclusive Danish design.





ULT Series SUF series SF Series


Arctiko international is a danish manufacturer of high performance and high quality products in low and ultra low temperature freezers and refrigeration.

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